1955 MGTF Midget-SOLD

Color: Red/BrownDSCN8865

Mileage:  Showing   40,573

Engine: XPAG 1250cc

Transmission: 4 Speed


The last of the MG-“T” type roadsters, the MGTF was superseded by the iconic MGA. Of the “T” type cars, the TF was the most highly evolved and, debatably, most attractive variant.

Retaining features from the previous TC and TD models, the TF came in two varieties; a pre-1954-1/2 car, featuring an upgraded spec. version of the TD model’s XPAG engine and the 1954-1/2-1955 version with a new XPEG, 1500cc engine that developed 63bhp at 5,500 rpm and nearly 20% more torque.

The TF also included other new features and design changes. The headlamps were incorporated into the front fenders, a sloped grill with faux radiator cap and a new, pressurized cooling system. The rest of the car remained virtually unchanged, however that does not imply a sacrifice as the “T” type had been introducing revolutionary features for many years previous. The clever rack and pinion steering system worked very well and the independent front suspension was reported by many test and road drivers as the most positive alteration to the “T” type.

Of 9,600 TF cars manufactured, a mere 3,400 units were upgraded with the new XPEG engine. These cars were renamed “TF1500” and can be identified by the badge on the exterior of the engine compartment just below the bonnet and rear of the fender arch. Production of these cars ended on 4 April, 1955, meaning the car you see here was one of the very last ever produced.

This car is another classic barn-find. Sitting virtually untouched for many years, it is extremely original and the body and frame are in good condition. As you can see in the pictures, the engine has been changed to the XPAG, 1.3L version. It is unknown whether this engine was taken from a TD or an earlier TF.

Another great car and a very happy client!