1956 Austin Healey 100M


1956 Austin Healey Factory 100M Le Mans

This factory 100M is certain to become one of the finest available on the current market. This car is an extremely RARE original, factory 100M. It is in the LeMans registry and has a Heritage Certificate. There are very few examples of these cars remaining on the road. Being an original solid white car, makes this example of 100M even more difficult to obtain. Classic Investments received the car as a partially completed “roller” from the prior owner. Although the body and chassis was painted, the car did not run when delivered. More pictures of the car prior to restoration are available and listed below.


Update 4/20/11

With the expert hand of our Metal fabricater Dave Brown, we are currently fitting the body prior to final assembly.

Update 6/21/11

Currently the car is undergoing final assembly, the engine and transmission have been installed. Also, some road testing/tuning has been performed. The car is now awaiting interior work.

Update 12/10/11

FIVA critique on December 5th, the last day for entry into the Mille Miglia.

Update 1/25/12

February 8th is the last day for gaining acceptance into the Mille Miglia. The car will be entered as a New Zealand entry.

Final Update 2/1/13

The 100M was beautifully prepared, checked and re-checked and shipped out for the Gooding and Co. auction where it fetched $154,000 as it rolled across the block.