1959 Jaguar XK-150 S – SOLD

Color: Green/Red

Engine: 3.4L

Transmission: 4-Speed

Top speed: 132mph

Complete Numbers Matching Car

Factory Overdrive

Price: SOLD


The Jaguar XK-150 is the final incarnation of the famous XK series, of which production ran from 1948 – 1960. Beginning with the XK-120, Jaguar refined and improved on the same basic format over 12 years producing what can only be defined as one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. These vehicles paved the way for the successor “E-Type” and inspired designers the world around for generations to come.

The vehicle available here is one of the last produced and stands ready for restoration as a nearly complete and original example of the powerful “S” version of the 150. Upgraded with three 2″ SU carburettors and 9:1 compression, the 3.4L “S” engine was rated at 250bhp and said to accelerate from 0-60 in 7.8 seconds.

The body on this car is, in a word; Fantastic. The engine is known to be good and everything about this car screams “Original.” Near complete, this #’s matching XK-150 3.4S is the perfect starting point for a thoughtful restoration.