1959 Lancia Aurelia Convertible B24

Engine: 2.5L V-6

Transmission: 4-Speed Rear-Mounted Transaxle

Mileage Reads: 39,500

Price: SOLD

*Extremely Well Preserved Example with Spectacular Original Interior

*One of the Last 6th Series Cars Built

*Not Offered for Public Sale in 33 Years

Vincenzo Lancia crafted what many enthusiasts and collectors now regard as one of the world’s finest marques of all time. Race bred innovations made their way into the hands of consumers in much the same way that Enzo Ferrari was known so well for. Of all these designs however, the V-6 engine nestled under the hood of the B24S is arguably one of the greatest. Although it had been conceived of much earlier, the V-6 engine failed to take up much developmental momentum until after Vincenzo’s death, and his son, Gianni Lancia, paired up with De Virgilio to refine the concept for production in the 1950 Aurelia B10.

The 6th Series B24S Convertible is the most refined version of the long-running B20 Aurelia line, spanning nearly a decade of numerous versions and coach-built varietals. By November of 1958 (when the last Aurelia rolled off of the line in Turin), the graceful Pininfarina styled body had been applied to a car who’s comfort, handling and performance had been fine-tuned. The convertible not only included the same remarkable underpinnings as the (now so well known) Spider – 112bhp V-6, twin “Sliding Pillar” front suspension and rear-mounted 4-speed transaxle coupled to de Dion suspension – but included luxuries like a stow-away soft top, larger rear luggage compartment and roll-up windows. The B24S is a sleek and nimble innovator of true Italian pedigree.

Offered Here

Classic Investments proudly presented this amazingly well preserved and unrestored B24S Convertible. Out of a 33 year ownership, this car was carefully cared for among a large Lancia collection. Prior to the 1983 purchase by collector, the car was gifted from a father to his son while attending Harvard.

Though wearing an older repaint, this beautiful car displayed fantastically original carpet and hides, with an extremely original engine bay and trunk as well. This car was also in great mechanical health — turn-key with excellent compression and some service work just completed – including a rebuild of the carburetor, fuel pump, new engine mounts and a general service. Sitting on four fresh Michelin X tires, this beautiful Italian tourer is sure to impress its new owner!

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