1959 Porsche 356 A


This 1959 Porsche 356-A had been involved in a rear end collision before it was acquired from Classic Investments by a collector in Texas. Once purchased, the new owner commissioned our services to restore the accident damage back to factory specifications. The following gallery gives a good perspective of the type of work we perform during partial restorations such as this one. Every step is carefully planned and discussed with the owner as we meticulously begin to uncover the damage to the vehicle. Once a decision has been made on how to proceed, no time is wasted in getting to work on the project.

This particular job included not only the cosmetic restoration of the rear clip of the vehicle, but the owner decided to take the opportunity to upgrade several items while the body work was being done. A new headliner was installed, new windows were ordered and installed and the engine received some TLC from our top notch mechanic, Chuck.

Upon discovering the type of damage that was sustained to the vehicle, our expert staff of metal and body specialists began disassembling the rear end of the 356 and carefully noting every part for the reassembly stage to come later. With all the accessories removed from the rear, paint was stripped from the area that was planned to be cut from the body to assess whether more work would be necessary. Fortunately, with the paint now gone, it was obvious that there had not been any previous body work done to the vehicle and our staff continued with the removal of the engine and finally made the cut to separate the rear clip from the rest of the vehicle.

Metal work proceeded until the new section had been installed and welded to create a seamless body once again. After some light leading to smooth out any minute imperfections, the car was finally ready for paint. As the front of the vehicle has sustained no damage in the accident, it was decided that the paint could be blended through the area that had been removed. This saved the owner a significant amount of money and he was able to get his beloved 356 back on the road much sooner without our staff having to remove the trim from the entire car.

We are proud to have one of the premier painters in the region as a member of our staff, and it just happens that he specializes in these types of blends. The paint was color matched and test sprayed and once Steve was happy with the results, the final go ahead was given to paint the rear of the car. After several coats of color and then clear, the car was wet sanded and blocked to achieve a sparkling finish. This 356 was now ready for final assembly. Chuck re-installed the original engine, added new exhaust sections, and a new bumper was fitted and installed along with the rest of the lamps, brackets, engine covers and trim. Several test drives were made by both Chuck and Steve until it was evident that there would be no driveability issues. This beautifully restored 356 was given a thorough detailing, and wrapped until the owner was able to fly out to see the results in person. He was thrilled with his “new” Porsche, and has since reported (after receiving the car back in Texas) that it runs better than ever and he could not be happier with the results!