1959 Porsche 356A Convertible D

2010 Porsche Parade 356 Full Concourse winner

This remarkable Roadster D was found by owner Stephen Bell in a barn close to Denver some years back. Only a 2 owner car, the seller had bought it in 1985 from the original owner in California. After developing some engine issues back in Colorado, the second owner stuffed the car 20 feet high up on a pallet rack in his barn, only to be forgotten for 20 yrs.

A small advertisement in the local paper compelled Stephen to rush to acquire it. While inspecting it, the phone began ringing off the hook and the owner had offers coming in from around the country. Steve was forced to pay several thousand dollars more for the car to buy it on the spot.

What made this car incredible was that it was close to complete with the original engine still intact.

Steve never planned to sell, but instead restore it for himself. That was until a client talked him out of the car and commissioned Classic Investments to perform a Concourse restoration of the highest quality.

The restoration was painstakingly performed over a one and half year process with the intent to win the worlds top Porsche Concourse: the Parade.

This car won its class with a score of 295 out of a possible 300 beating a speedster that had never lost in 10 yrs of Concourse competion.