1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

Color: Blue / Blue

Mileage: 60,624

Engine: 1300cc I-4

Block: Cast Aluminium with slip-fit wet iron liners

Cylinder Head: Cast Aluminium, cross flow, hemispherical chambers

Bore and Stroke: 74mm x 75mm


Valvetrain: Chain driven, DOHC

Transmisson: 5-speed manual with syncromesh

Clutch: Single disc with coil spring pressure plate, mechanical actuation

Front Suspension: Double A-arm, sway bar

Rear Suspension: Solid axle

Production Numbers: 1366


A very desirable Sprint Speciale that came out of a 30 yr ownership, this car is an excellent example to restore with the very rare option of Boranni wire wheels. A very original car with all the hard to find parts intact,  especially within the engine compartment.This car still has the factory equipped plexiglass wind deflector.