1962 Lancia Flaminia GT

Engine: 2.5L V6DSCN6648

Transmission: 4-speed Manual

Mileage Reads: 27,960

Price: SOLD

*First Time Available to the Public in 30 Years

*Only 1,718 Ever Produced

From 1957 to 1970, the Lancia Flaminia, in all of its variations, was the flagship of the Lancia marque. Especially rare was the Flaminia GT coupé – bodied by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, these Superleggera aluminum bodied cars epitomized the luxury grand tourer of Italian fame.

Lancia had long been known for its technological innovations and by the time the Flaminia GT was introduced, many of these developments had been refined with previous options now as standard. The 2.5L V6 from the B24S had been updated and revised to now produce 119bhp and the rear-mounted transaxle contained synchros on all four gears as well as inboard disc brakes – a major improvement over the previous drums. Also gone was the sliding pillar front suspension in favor of a more modern and better handling double wishbone and coil spring arrangement. All of this meant that one could now easily – and safely – attain speeds well over 100mph in pure comfort and sophistication.

This car recently emerged from a 30 year collection, where it was stored out of the elements. Undriven for many years, we have serviced this car to make it a good running and driving vehicle once again. Items recently tended to include clutch replacement, brake service and refreshment of the fuel system. Originally black, this car is extremely original in all other respects and presents a very dry chassis and clean lines in the Touring bodywork.

Presenting an exceptional value, these cars have still not appreciated to their market worth and are relatively unknown to many collectors. Offering the best of Lancia’s period technology and canvassed in the labors of one of the world’s finest coachbuilders, the Flaminia GT provides a unique opportunity for the Italian touring aficionado: a true investment that can be thoroughly enjoyed during its due time of appreciation.

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