1962 Lancia Flaminia GT 3C

Color: Red / Red

Mileage: 88,516

Engine: 2.5 V6

2.5 Liter V6 140BHP

Wheelbase: 99″

de Dion Rear Suspension

Curb Weight: 3200lbs

Production Numbers: 1550

Four Speed Manual Rear Mounted Transaxle

This rare and desirable 1962 Lancia Flaminia GT Coupe is a very original and dry car. With styling by Touring of Milan, the Flaminia GT is a classic beauty. The interior of this particular Flaminia, is in excellent shape and is all original, down to the Blaupunkt radio. The Flaminia was one of the most technologically advanced automobiles of its day. Boasting independent suspension, inboard disc brakes and rear mounted transaxle, the Flaminia was a technological tour de force. This car runs and drives very smoothly and delivers a great ride. In addition, this particular car is an original California black plate car. (Original Black Tag included with purchase)