1964 Porsche 356 C-Cabriolet


A remarkable one owner Colorado 356C-Cabriolet with a fascinating history was sold to us by a Colorado native that, despite her fathers disapproval, ran off to Germany in 1964 to buy the car direct from Porsche. After many, many years of driving, she parked the car in her garage for several more before making the car available for sale. We quickly acquired the car and a gentleman from Chicago purchased and commissioned Classic Investments to do a thorough restoration.

Note: Owner has notified us that he would like to sell this car through Classic Investments and it is available on our Inventory page!

 Initial Assessment

While it was running and driving prior to dis-assembly, we found after the stripping process that there would be a good deal of metal work. What was amazing, however, is that the inner longitudes did not need replacing. The front of the car had been hit so the entire front clip was replaced. When metal work is complete, we are looking for three millimeter gaps all around the car. Classic Investments favors the methods of tradition and believes in leading (the use of lead) in gaps. This is the way that the Porsche factory coachwork and their subcontractors did it, and that is the way that we do it.

The Restoration

-The body has been completely repaired and panel fitting is complete. The car is now being moved into the paint shop where it will reappear soon with a beautiful new Porsche Sky Blue paint job. From there, reassembly will follow with the original drive-line and a completely refurbished interior and top.

-The entire body has now been painted in its new Sky Blue and undercoating is scheduled to be applied this weekend. This car is really starting to take shape and the paint looks fantastic. We will soon begin the process of installing the interior, electrics, driveline, trim body panels and top.

-Work is beginning on suspension components and the front and rear axle assemblies. Completely torn down, we are scrutinizing over parts that need to be repaired, replaced or any special attention needed to restore to factory specifications. We are extremely thorough with our dis-assembly of parts and tag every nut and bolt. This insures that even the smallest of parts receives the attention deserved for a high quality restoration. After being cleaned and tagged, these parts will be split into groups for refinishing in the various ways required. Once all the parts have been prepared we can move into the early stages of assembly. But first, we have an engine to overhaul! Check back for more updates to come.

-The refurbished suspension and transmission have been refitted to the Porsche and she is holding her own weight again! All parts are factory original to this car aside from rubber, brake pads and other small parts that are designed to wear over time. Suspension components have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage, repaired if necessary and were then sent to be stripped of their original coatings. With clean and functional bare parts, they were sorted into a variety of categories: items requiring powder coating, paint or metal plating were refinished and have now been installed onto the previously bare undercarriage.

-The engine is now undergoing machine work for a complete rebuild with a large-bore kit. Once complete, this engine will supply a boost of desirable low-end torque (especially helpful for jaunts at 5,000ft!). After assembly and testing, the engine will be installed and a test-drive is just around the corner!

-The engine is now completely assembled and will be test-fired very soon. A massive order of new parts is being delivered and all chrome is being sent out for fresh show-quality plating. These original examples are such a joy to restore, as nearly all parts can be easily assessed and new materials can be made from patterns and not kits! Keeping originality intact is essential for any car to leave an imprint in the judges’ minds. Speaking of originality, the original VDO gauges have been fully rebuilt and detailed, Becker radio is up next for an overhaul and every last inscription on the car is being freshly engraved to prevent blurring during chroming.

-Chrome has returned and the small assemblies of the car are being test fit. The dash is nearly complete in the car and the wiring has been run throughout. Installation of the engine and the bleeding of brakes has rounded out the major under-car work until a test-drive has been performed. The doors have been assembled and decisions on interior materials are being made. The convertible top was stripped of the original soft materials, test fit on the car and will soon be painted and reassembled. It was discovered that all the wood was rotted/broken and all will have to be replaced. These are complex pieces to remake and are integral for proper fitment of all material.

-The 356 has been driven and tuned, and our tech reports that it has performed well. Fitment of a new interior is around the corner, along with new tires and top. This restoration is nearing the “Completed” page!