1964 Porsche 356C Cabriolet

Engine: 1,720cc (P*713766*)

Transmission: 4-Speed Synchro Transaxle

Chassis: 160547

Body: 77820 (Reutter)

Mileage Reads: 75,782

Price: $185,000

*Undergoing Complete Frame-Up Restoration – Near Finished

*Two Owner, Colorado Car

*Bought New in Germany


Only bested by its “SC” counterpart, the 356C was the paragon of 356 development and undeniably laid the groundwork for the soon-to-follow 911. The engineers made some substantial modifications from the “T-6” for better performance and more appeal in the American market by revising engine specification (on the “SC”), suspension and braking performance. The base model “C” now featured the 1963 “S” spec engine; a 1600cc, sporting 75bhp through dual Zenith twin-choke downdraft carburetors. Performance, while modest by today’s standards, was adequate for spirited driving and Porsche listed a top speed -confirmed by several motoring magazines at the time- of 109 at red-line. Stopping power was now enhanced by 4-wheel disc brakes, and improvements to the suspension and steering coupled nicely with the energetic enhancements in the drive-train. Considered by many to be one of the best in the world, the tried-and-true 4-speed gearbox was left unchanged, following mounting adjustments during T-6 production.

The cabriolet version, like the other “C” cars, remained nearly unchanged from the “T-6.” A sleek and beautiful arrangement, but also practically functional, Porsche considered these final cars to be the best they could possibly muster from the now aging design. A few minor adjustments (found mostly in the interior, and rather unnoticeable) completed the lineage of the 356 before Porsche released their next age-defying creation: the 911. The 356 was a comfortable and efficient car; neatly revised and tweaked over the years to produce a vehicle that emblazoned Porsche’s image to the world as an automotive wunderkind. Attention to detail and function created a unique and experiential car that was not only fun to drive, but beautiful and efficient too. 

Offered Here

The car here is a late “C”-cabriolet with an interesting history. Following up on a small local ad, this car was found in a barn near Winter Park, Colorado, owned by one single woman from new. Despite her father’s disapproval, the Colorado native ran off to Germany at age 17 to attend school. There for several years, she acquired the car new directly from Porsche. She later returned to Colorado where she drove the car as a daily driver; regularly conquering heavy snow and slick roads. Only after realizing the impracticality following the birth of her third child, the car was resigned to infrequent use and, eventually, after nearly 50 years of ownership, was retired altogether into the barn from which it was exhumed.

If you have been following our restoration of this car, you will have noticed our meticulous attention to detail. From the comprehensive metal work that began this project, right down to the appropriate finishes in every corner of the car. Currently, a brand new Haartz top is being fitted and a complete interior kit will soon rejuvenate the interior. The engine was bumped to 86mm cylinders to produce some extra motivation, and a brand new set of period correct Michelin tires now compliment and support this beautiful car on the tarmac and grass alike.

A spectacular “Sky Blue” paint job and bodywork for show-quality gaps present the car beautifully – for weekend jaunts to the local meet, or more fastidious events. Powdercoated chassis and engine components ensure longevity and have been finished correctly to original sheen. Where clearer lines and closer tolerances are required, premium paints are used. All hardware is correctly finished – Classic Investments has parts genuinely cadmium plated as was done originally, while many restorers around the country try to replicate the appearance with zinc; the difference, however, is clear to a keen eye. Interior components have been re-trimmed in correct materials by our local, award-winning upholsterer. Thoroughly driven and detailed, a freshly restored classic – one of the last 1,000 produced – is available to the discerning collector.

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