1965 Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato 1800

Chassis: 815.432*

Engine: 1.8L

Transmission: 4-speed Manual

Mileage Reads: 55,803 (Km)

Price: $52,150 *Includes Dealer Prep and Handling

*Only 626 Ever Produced

*Recently Restored and Just Out of Long-time Ownership

*Beautiful Paint, Chrome and Interior

*Euro Spec Car

In the long heritage of Lancia’s forward thinking designs, the Flavia Sport Zagato deserves recognition – if not as a pinnacle of this ideology, then at least one of the most interesting! The Flavia was developed in a number of interesting (and mostly practical) designs, the most unique was undoubtedly the Sport Zagato penned by Ercole Spada.

The coachwork of this unusual little car can be said to mimic the technology pinned underneath. While Zagato didn’t use any wind tunnel testing to prove its design, the exterior was obviously crafted for slippery performance at speed. In 1965, Road and Track magazine reported a top speed of 115mph in the carbureted version: a testament to that goal. The panoramic windshield and rear windows blended a historic Zagato design with the modern desire for aerodynamic practicality. A rather interesting addition to this ideology was the curved rear window; operated by a switch on the dash, it would open to allow front-to-rear ventilation through the cabin!

Beneath the uncommon exterior, a number of Lancia’s newest engineering feats were being tested in production. A 1.8L horizontally opposed engine was producing 100bhp and power was then put to the front wheels via a longitudinally mounted 4-speed transaxle. On the interior, a unique instrument cluster sat behind the wood-rimmed wheel giving speed reading with a horizontal tape display. Surprisingly spacious, the cabin was trimmed comfortably with bucket seats of an uncommon width – a direct result of the loss of an imposing transmission tunnel.

This particular car is just out of a long-term ownership by collector. The recipient of a recent cosmetic restoration, the paintwork and exterior brightwork were refinished and in very good condition. The re-trimmed interior was done to a high level with new carpets and reupholstered seats and door panels. Currently undergoing a light mechanical service, this highly desirable and extremely rare Lancia represents for its next owner a beautiful driver with extraordinary heritage. This head turning machine is a true collector’s automobile – nearly guaranteed to bring smiles, inquiries and thumb’s up from the inquisitive passersby.

The special bodied Zagato coachbuilt cars are becoming increasingly rare and are now almost completely unavailable below the $100k mark! Previously underappreciated, and relatively unknown, the Flavia Sport Zagato is rapidly catching on in the collector market and may soon be gone at this price. Look for complete photo gallery soon!

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