1966 Ferrari 275 GTB

2007 Cavallino Platinium winner

This highly desirable 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB was discovered in a small town garage in Eastern Pennsylvania. After many years of storage, the car’s owner decided to attempt their own restoration and set about dis-assembly of the engine compartment and removed the exterior trim in order to apply a budget paint job in a garish shade of red. Classic Investments, after some negotiation, bought the car and shipped it to our facility here in Denver. A local client acquired the car from us and commissioned us to restore it to Concours condition in its original color. The 275 was entered into the 2007 Cavallino show and was honored with a first in class trophy. The car competed  in several other shows in 2007 and won or placed in the majority of the shows that it was entered. In 2013, this car again sold at auction and became the subject of a wonderful write-up by Vintage Roadcar magazine. Read the full article – “Luxurious Predator”