1970 Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3

Engine: 6.3L V8

Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic

Mileage Reads: 82,002

*Highly Original Throughout*

*$17,000 in Recent Service*

Price: SOLD

Unveiled at the 1968 Geneva Motor Show, this update of the 6-cylinder sedans from Mercedes-Benz quietly altered the manufacturers future and stunned the public. While initially conceived as a private venture, the car quickly gained support from company executives and Mercedes went on to produce just over 6,500 units. The adoption of the 6.3L power plant from the 600 limousine (with 300bhp) drafted a new image for Mercedes and an iconic sleeper car was born.

When released, the 300SEL 6.3 held the distinction of being the “fastest production sedan in the world.” Despite weighing nearly 4,000 lbs, the M100 engine could accelerate the bulky cruiser to 60-mph in 6.3 seconds and support sustained speeds well in excess of 100-mph. With the list of factory standard items including 4-wheel disc brakes, adjustable air-ride suspension, power windows and power steering, the capable cruiser quickly became a classic and is still revered today for it’s performance and comfort wrapped neatly in a timeless Paul Bracq ponton.

This particular car came from the foothills just west of Denver, out of a comfy and dry garage. Used, but not abused, this car boasts a desirable and very presentable Bronze Brown or Manganese Brown paint which is in strikingly good condition. With spectacular wood and leather trimmings, the interior does not dispute originality. Light paint checking on the hood and age-brittled rubber in the door jambs and heel pads marks the majority of flaws in this beautiful car. A recently completed service – which includes new airbags on all four corners, and $17,000 in receipts – makes this car a ready driver for quiet cruises down the boulevard or an evening on the town. This elegant sedan features all of the classic Mercedes-Benz appeal… with a rather brute secret hidden under the right pedal.

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