1971 Porsche 911S Sunroof Coupe

This beautiful Porsche 911S came to us recently when the owner decided that they wanted to freshen their car up. In good condition already, we carefully evaluated this desirable car for typical signs of age and damage. It was determined that a light restoration would significantly raise the value and aesthetics, while preventing further deterioration.

Classic Investments isn’t just a fancy name… it’s what we do. Not only are the vehicles we specialize in rare and collectable, they are also appreciating rapidly on the market. We offer opportunity to our clients and tailor every service and restoration to their individual needs and requests. Now complete, this 911S is not only a stunningly beautiful and talented driver, but a worthy Investment to the owner.


After our expert metal craftsman replaced the rocker panels on both sides of the car and the original Fuchs wheels had been completely restored, the car moved into the body shop. There it received the full treatment–bringing laser straight lines to every facet of the fresh metallic green paint. Following hours of sanding and buffing, this car shows beautifully in every light and is awaiting the brand new, factory original trim! Keep coming back for updates as this icon of excitement progresses towards the finish line.


With the interior stripped and undriven since the new oil cooler and exhaust were installed, a call came in asking if we could have the car complete on a very tight deadline. Springing into action, we tirelessly worked to complete the restoration for a show-ready car in record time. Working late into the night, everything came together seamlessly. Gleaming in the dim lights on the night of delivery to the owner, the beautiful Porsche glided into the trailer ready for its debut on the show-circuit only one day later.