1972 Jaguar XJ6, Series-I SOLD

Color:      Yellow/Tan 

Mileage:  Showing   10,844

Engine: Chevrolet Small Block V-8 (Conversion)

Transmission: Automatic

Price: Sold


When introduced in 1968, the first series Jaguar XJ6 saloon was a phenomenon of British engineering. The remarkable lines, eye-opening performance and comfortable and spacious interior were far beyond the nearest competitor offerings. Automotive critics drove the new model to high acclaim in nearly every motoring magazine of the time! Today these vehicles still retain a reputation of pride and beauty.

This wonderfully kept example became available from a long ownership, right here in dry Colorado. Repainted about 10 years ago, the finish is still in great shape and a perfect color match to the original. Every other aspect of this car shines just as brightly. Entire color combination is factory correct and quite attractive. The recently refinished tan leather upholstery is exceedingly comfortable and brown carpeting is in excellent shape as is the original dash with all gauges,  switches, wood and trim–nearly as fresh as the day it left the factory.

Panel and trim fit is very good and the car is very straight. The chassis is straight and undercarriage exhibits no corrosion.

Under the hood you may be surprised to see a small block Chevrolet V-8… This conversion was actually quite popular and eliminates several reliability issues with the early production XJ series. The installation was done professionally and is not only very attractive but remarkably quiet, smooth and economical. This engine does not limit the XJ’s ability on the road at all. Ride comfort, control and handling are all still excellent with nothing sacrificed. The update even includes modern style cruise control for those long journeys.

Speaking of journeys, this car came with even more great options. Items like air conditioning, power windows, 4 wheel disc brakes, a large trunk and plenty of space for 4 people and all of their belongings are just what one needs to make those trips even more comfortable.