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1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS – SOLD

Engine: 2.4L V-6

Transmission: 5-Speed Fully Synchronized

Chassis: 06106

Mileage Reads: 36,171

Price: – SOLD

*Extremely Well Preserved Example with Recent Service for Show and Street

*Matching Numbers example with Low Mileage and Largely Original Paint

*One of 1,274 GTS cars produced

*Previous Ownership of 40 Years

Originally referred to only as “Dino,” the 206 and 246 are true Pininfarina designed Ferraris. Named in memory of Enzo’s son, Alfredo Dino Ferrari, the car and engine were both conceived of for Formula racing; though to meet homologation rules the engine had to be partnered for use in the Fiat Dino as well. Following numerous improvements to the (now) 65 degree, DOHC V-6 engine, the final combination for the 246GT and GTS listed 192bhp at 7,200rpm in the European spec car.

When launched for delivery to the public, this relatively low-priced offering from Ferrari was expected to compete against the venerable Porsche 911, Enzo considered the mid-engine design to be unsuitable in regards to handling purposes. Nevertheless, it was added to the showroom lineup and found to best the 911 in nearly every manner. With Britain’s Motor magazine’s reported top speed of 148mph, the 246 was faster than the 911S by nearly 12mph – even though the Porsche boasted a similar 190bhp, 2.4L engine and weighed less by over 200lbs!

Series III car was the ultimate evolution of the Dino line and included the first use of the soon ubiquitous Marelli “Dinoplex” electronic ignition, and Ferrari’s first use of a direct drive rack-and-pinion steering arrangement. Though tamed somewhat for compliance with the US emissions requirements, it proved a remarkably beautiful, capable and thus popular little car.

Offered Here

Classic Investments proudly presents this amazingly well preserved, unrestored two-owner 246GTS. Purchased new from Modern Classic Motors in Phoenix, AZ, the first owner logged the first 15,447 miles and traded the car in after just two years. The second buyer, a Kansas farmer by the name of Anthony J. Stegman, acquired the Dino in March of 1975 and owned it for the next 40 years! He proudly accumulated several wins for this lovely car during attendance at SCCA events. The car was driven occasionally, regularly maintained, and eventually put away in a barn for 15 years before the decision was made to “trade-up” to a more… modern Ferrari! Driving away from Ferrari of Denver in a new 458 Italia, Mr. Stegman passed the torch.

Classic Investments quickly made arrangements to purchase this car and, to date, $25k in recent service has been carried out by our Ferrari specialists – one of whom actually performed service work on this very car in 1975!

Available with the car are the original books, tools, service documentation and Massini report, this Dino is a rare offering for the preservation enthusiast.

We are eager to address all of your questions. For the fastest answers, call Stephen at 303.668.4555.

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