1984 BMW M635CSi

Engine: M88 3.5l I6

Transmission: Getrag 5-speed Manual

Chassis: WBAEE310101050162

Color: Agate Green Metallic

Mileage Reads: 24,865 (Believed Original)

Price: $26,500

*Original European Spec Car

*Extremely Detailed documentation

*Factory A/C Retrofit

The BMW M635CSi was announced at the Frankfurt auto show in 1983 as BMW’s new flagship “M” car. It utilized the M88 engine from the legendary M1, and was the second fastest BMW ever produced at the time, next to the M1. Only 5,855 were produced from 1984 to 1989, with 3,283 of those being the desirable left hand drive European spec model. The main difference between the European spec and the North American model was the power; 286hp for the Euro and 260 for NA.

The classic “shark-nose” design of the E24 chassis came to it’s pinnacle with the M635CSi. Subtle changes to the bodywork, a small rear spoiler and a large front airdam, made this car look handsome yet aggressive. The performance was also present to back up the styling. The M635CSi came with a tuned suspension, larger ventilated brakes, a limited slip differential and of course a Motorsports derived 3.5l straight six. All of this made the M635CSi one of the greatest touring cars of the 80’s, able to take you wherever you needed with plenty of speed and luxury.

Offered Here

This example was imported to the United States and federalized by Spyderwerks in 1984. It is currently showing 114k miles, however the car has held up beautifully. It is extremely well documented all the way back to importation. This car has had four owners since it was sold new. The interior of the car is in excellent condition, with no tears or stains in the upholstery. Originally this car was sold without air conditioning, but a previous owner had an original BMW A/C system fitted to the car. The body on this example is extremely straight, and the paint is in very good condition, minus some clear coat failure on the front fender flares.

The engine compartment is extremely clean and well maintained, as well as the underside of the car. It is amazing how well this car has held up, interior and  exterior, for being three decades old. This car will be a treat for it’s next owner, continuing to provide someone with an amazing grand touring experience.