Austin Healey BN1 Restoration


A neglected and burned old Healey came to us from a client several states away. After running into hang-ups and financial overruns with a different shop, they shipped this car to us to complete the metal work on this badly beaten body. We set to work right away and the client has been so pleased that they decided to have us finish the car.

Initial Assessment

It was obvious that this car would require a significant investment in metal repairs alone. Floors, rockers and even frame sections were rotten, something large and heavy had smashed the front, a fire had destroyed the interior and the car had been generally neglected for some time. Dismantling of the chassis and body came right away so the car could be blasted to bare metal to more accurately assess the condition.

The Restoration

Frame and floor sections were replaced due to rust, while some sections required only replacement of the lower parts of the box. Rust was patched on fenders and floor sections throughout the car. The existing front shroud was cost prohibitive to salvage and a new shroud was ordered from the UK and installed. The owner decided to build the car to LeMans spec – so for this phase a louvred bonnet and strap were included. With metal work now complete, the car sits awaiting direction for the next phase.


The inner body and frame have been primed and the outer body sections will be ready to go soon. While the shell moves through the dutiful labors of bodywork, the suspension components will be stripped and refinished and a parts order has already been submitted for the replaceable items in the rolling assemblies. Look for more photos soon!


The exterior body panels have been epoxy primed and will soon get the final massage before paint. The owner has chosen to go with a two-tone option which is sure to be eye-catching – we can’t wait to see this car come back together. Our techs have disassembled the suspension components and an order for all replaceable parts was made. With all components having now been powder-coated (the preferable option for durability) in correct finishes, the sub-assemblies are on their way up and this car should soon be a roller.


The entire body is skimmed and being sanded smooth with guidecoat. Body panels are again fit to ensure that fit is consistent throughout the process and soon the car will wear its final prime. Our brand new paint and body facility is about to open and we hope that this will be the first car in!