“Luxurious Predator” — Article by Casey Annis of Vintage Roadcar Magazine on 1966 Ferrari 275GTB Restored by Classic Investments

Casey Annis’ extraordinary article for Vintage Roadcar magazine of the Ferrari 275 GTB… Particularly, one very close to our hearts here at Classic Investments. The example detailed in this article (one of only 970 ever produced) was found in a barn in eastern Pennsylvania by Stephen Bell,  after sitting mostly disassembled for over 20 years and in need of complete restoration. Steve bought the car without hesitation and immediately began work on what would become a 2-1/2 year project with over 3,000 man-hours invested. The finished product was presented as it would have been at the Maranello factory some 41 years earlier and was soon sold to a local collector.  6 years later, following another light restoration, the vehicle sold again at the 2013 RM auctions in Scottsdale, AZ for $1.2M. Please enjoy this fascinating article–written and photographed by one of the best automotive journalists in the business, about one of the most legendary vehicles ever to grace the tracks, streets and dreams of automotive history. And please, don’t forget to check out the incredible magazine by clicking on the link above.

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