Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Restoration

Classic Investments recently began this restoration for a returning client. Pleased with our work on previous vehicles, the owner decided to take the next step with their Ferrari and work has begun on a near complete overhaul to include the engine, interior and paint.

Our resident Ferrari factory trained technician conducted a thorough assessment of the engine on arrival and the results were shocking. The engine had previously been torn down and improperly rebuilt resulting in a bad valve slap, poor compression (with numbers ranging from 60psi to 120psi), and copious amounts of smoke from poor cylinder sealing on rings and valves. The engine has now been completely stripped and machined and the heads and pistons updated to produce higher compression and a more enthusiastic driving experience.

Once assembled, the engine found itself back in a newly renovated home which was completely refurbished. Every assembly under the hood had been removed and restored before installation for a pristine update on this classic Ferrari. Suspension was addressed as well, to include a complete refreshment of moving and worn parts and detailing of the entire system.

Coachwork was reviewed and a complete replacement of all leather within the cabin was completed. Some minor metal and body work has been accomplished to regain proper panel fitment and treat areas that were deteriorating. We then applied a fresh coat of original “Grigio Fumo” with several coats of clear over the top; wet-sanded and buffed to a brilliant shine.

This smokey old driver now has a new zest for life in her beautiful Rocky Mountain home.


With the engine on her way up and interior work just around the corner, the car is receiving undercoating and being sealed to protect it from the elements. Once the chassis application has cured, the suspension will be reassembled and interior work will soon begin. Brightwork has been quality checked and is on the shelf – ready for installation.


The complete drive train and suspension systems have been installed and meticulously checked for proper specifications and function. Smaller components have been fit and checked for proper operation and interior work has commenced with new Connolly hides adorning the seats and other panels. The owner of this car requested that updates be made to the stereo and speakers for a more enjoyable experience while driving – we have provided a high-end installation which promises great quality sound without disturbing the original appearance at all. The Michelin XWX tires are another significant upgrade which also compliment the original appearance. All of the chrome work has been fitted and installed and various other small pieces of aluminum and stainless steel, which round out the remainder of the brightwork (including the original Boranni wire wheels), have been painstakingly reworked and polished for a fresh, chrome-like appearance.  


The car is now being driven and tuned – a process that shouldn’t be underestimated! This is an extensive and exhaustive process that must be done to provide complete reliability and comfort for the client. Everything from carburetor adjustments to annoying squeaks and rattles is noted, located and repaired – then we do it all again! Drives become progressively longer until Steve makes a final run to ensure that every function and detail meets our demanding quality standards. Following this, the technicians will physically touch every component on the car and check torque on major hardware. The car will then be detailed to a show standard for delivery. This is a truly exciting time in the restoration process.


The car has been driven extensively and debugged. Buffed and detailed, this beautiful Ferrari is awaiting delivery to it’s owner.