Fiat Dino Pf Hardtop


A long-time client brought their Fiat Dino Spyder in for some much needed hardtop restoration. While many vehicles are lucky to have been factory equipped with a hardtop, this particular car was exceedingly privileged to have been sold with (and still retain) an original Pininfarina top! There aren’t many accounts of how many were originally provided with the Fiat Dino, and other manufacturers did produce tops for the Fiat in both new and reproduction versions… What IS known, is that the Pf factory top is the rarest of the rare and estimated at fewer than 50 still floating around the world today. This is what we do at Classic Investments.

The top was clad in all original material circa 1972. Needless to say, all of it was in need of replacement. At some point, a previous owner had redyed the top vinyl an unappealing shade of tan and the weather-worn material was difficult to find a grain to match. Eventually, a supplier of factory original materials was contacted and sent samples which matched perfectly. Now all we had to do was disassemble the top…

The original fiberglass had seen better days. After several hours of disassembly and repairs to the glass, the top was finally clear of original vinyl and ready to be recovered. Sanding, patterning and reupholstering of the pleated headliner was accomplished in only a few days’ time and soon it was being reassembled with neatly polished trim, rechromed latches, new hardware, new weather seals before the original badge was riveted back onto it’s home only days before the snow began to fall in Colorado.

Albeit a relatively small job, the value this one hardtop represents is incalculable. The clients beautifully kempt Dino now has a beautiful “new” top to compliment… and receive compliments!