Maserati Sebring Restoration

Not long ago, Classic Investment’s owner Stephen Bell brought this gorgeous and rare Maserati into our shop and offered it for sale. It didn’t take long before the purchase was made and a restoration by the new owner was commissioned.

As it sat, almost the entirety of the car had been gone through and freshened up with new rubber lines and gaskets, completely refurbished components, new soft materials and a rebuilt engine that now displaces 4.2L compared to the original 3.7L. No expense had been spared on restoring this car by the previous owner, though parts had been thrown together in an effort to quickly sell.

While the engine had been rebuilt, much of it had not been properly assembled for testing and running… a story soon learned to be true for the rest of the cars’ mechanical components. Our resident Maserati expert, Ron Clark, is now hard at work putting this amazing car back together (with some enhancements along the way) to make this classic GT a beautiful road-going head-turner!

Stay with us as work continues and more information and photos are added.


The rebuilt engine has been tested and tuned and is now back in the car. Chromed components that were deemed unsatisfactory were removed from the vehicle and re-plated. The trunk has seen a complete cosmetic and paint detail and an extra layer of sound deadening material has been added to critical areas. The engine bay was touched up where needed and a saggy firewall was refinished in original style vinyl. Test-drive and debugging awaits this beauty, followed by some final detail work to correct some imperfections in the paint.


Testing and debugging is progressing and Ron reports that the car is running very well. The interior has since been fully installed and final trim is going into place. This car featured a number of parts which are unavailable and had to be reproduced or repaired in-house. Our metal fabricator has been hard at work designing fender liners from templates. These were painted and undercoated to match the rest of the chassis and now appear just as original pieces. Additionally, the rocker trim on one side was badly damaged and had to be replaced; as these parts no longer exist, and reproducing it would be extremely time consuming and difficult, a part was found for another Maserati and modified to exactly recreate the original on this car. Following chrome plating, the piece is indistinguishable from the original. An option for air conditioning came from the factory with a control panel that no longer exists and is exceedingly rare to find used – this one was severely damaged cosmetically and a complex repair was made possible with new custom engravings to duplicate factory writing.  Creativity is an essential service that we offer in our restorations! Nearing the finish line, look for this car to be detailed very soon and on its way to our Completed Restorations page.