1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

Classic Investments recently sold this Ferrari 330 GTC to a client on the Eastern coast of the United States and he then commissioned Classic Investments to deliver an excellent driver restoration.




We are nearing completion of this fantastic and exciting project. Our master technician has finished work on the drive train and the vehicle has been test driven over 200 miles with flawless results. The paintwork is being meticulously inspected and the entire exterior is being buffed repeatedly to bring out the deepest shine possible from this gorgeous color. Trim will be fitted soon and following a rigorous inspection of every corner, this beautiful Italian work of art will be turning heads for many years to come.


After several delays due to the weather, we are finally ready to get the 330GTC on the road for her final and most thorough test drive. 99% complete, she now sits with only the bonnet still off (it is being prepped for fitting). All of the trim is in place: the interior needs only have the door panels installed and then it will be ready for a meticulous detailing. Only when Stephen and Chuck are satisfied with the results of the functional tests and aesthetic appeal of every nook and louvre will the bonnet be installed and the entire car will undergo one final hand buffing and polishing. We will then wrap the car to protect it until the owner is available to fly in for the final reveal–a day we are eagerly awaiting! This has been a fantastic and incredibly fun restoration for all of us here and we are confident that the owner will be as enthusiastic about their investment as we have been about bringing this classic into the modern age. Don’t miss photos of the completed project which should be online by May.

Update: 2nd annual Tour De Classics car show benefitting the students of University Park Elementary

The big reveal… 1967 Ferrari 330GTC took 1st in class at her very first show and drew LOTS of attention!The event was a great success for the students of University Park Elementary school. Over $5,000.00 was raised to keep art, music and PE classes in session for these youngsters. The entire Classic Investments team was thrilled to have been a part of this terrific event. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the school, the amazing vehicles and show their pride in and commitment to the community as a whole! And, finally, a huge thanks to the owner who commissioned Classic Investments to restore this beautiful car and was happy to let us display it for this event! You will soon be turning heads in your “new” Ferrari!


We are very excited to tell everyone that this beautiful car was proudly displayed at the Vail Automotive Classic, earning a 3rd consecutive 1st in Class award! The Classic Investments team has been honored to be a part of this show as it grows every year since its first run only 4 years ago. Also, we can hardly wait until the Santa Fe Concorso, where Stephen Bell will accompany the new owners of this amazing Italian tourer with their first entry into this show, the largest of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region! After completing the finishing touches here at the shop, this 330 GTC is ready for another award, some awe inspiring runs through the Santa Fe countryside and the opportunity to settle in to its new home back east. We are all very proud to have had the rare gift of restoring one of the finest touring cars ever built.


The gorgeous Ferrari 330 GTC has returned from the Santa Fe Concorso with another award under it’s bonnet! This time it received a Directors Choice award! The owners and all of us here at Classic Investments are thrilled to have taken so many distinguished honors on this beautifully completed restoration of such a beautiful and pedigreed classic. Soon, this vehicle will board a truck bound for the east coast of the US. We hope many more people will have the pleasure of seeing this fantastic machine gracefully navigating the highways and byways of its new home town. Another exciting journey for Classic Investments, our wonderful clients and all of the visitors to our website and social media pages! Thank you all!



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