S 005

1967 Sunbeam Alpine

This Sunbeam Alpine is a customer’s car which was brought to Classic Investments for restoration. The car has undergone paintwork, and a new Ford 2.8L V6 engine was installed. When considering the power to weight ratio that the new engine will bring to the car, the performance will be formidable. The new Ford V6 is actually the same weight as the original 4 cyl, so handling and braking will not be compromised with the new setup. The transmission has also replaced with a modern Tremec T-5 5 speed manual transmission.


Update 6/20/11

The 2.8L FORD V6 has been completely rebuilt and installed in the car along with the transmission. The engine was test fired and tuned and is awaiting further road testing.

Update 1/31/12

We are currently installing a new interior into car and finalizing the engine installation.

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