1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider Normale-SOLD

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider NormaleDSCN4107

Engine: 1.6L I-4

Transmission: 5-speed

Graphite Grey/Red

Mileage: 57,365

Number of cars made: 14,300

Price: SOLD


This 1963 Giulia 1600 Spider Normale has been beautifully maintained and meticulously documented. This is a 2 owner, matching numbers, rust free, original paint, original interior car with documents trailing all the way back to the original bill of sale from Foreign Motors Inc. in Boston, MA on the 2nd, July 1963 for $3,395.00. The Factory Warranty Card is still intact and in good condition after all these years.

The paint and interior show off a lovely natural patina and originality that is impossible to duplicate. A few minor rips in the seats–this car was used, but not abused. The original carpets and vinyl are extremely clean with almost no fading and they fit perfectly.

This particular car recently underwent a complete driveline overhaul. From all the receipts, we can account for around $25,000 in service and maintenance that has been completed in the past few years. Nothing was overlooked. The car is very mechanically sound, starts easy, idles great. Just a great piece to have in anyones collection.

Below is a short list of recent work that has been completed. Literally all work items and replaced parts have been documented over this Alfas short 57,xxx mile life.

Engine: Complete overhaul with new pistons, bearings (mains and rods), valve guides, sleeves were removed and inspected for cracks, rods were magnafluxed and balanced. A complete tune up was done, including a rebuild of the carburettor and new timing chain. We have installed a new fuel pump, thermostat, water sensor and oil sensor. Bosch starter, Bosch generator and voltage regulator were replaced and the radiator was re-cored.

Transmission: Complete in-house rebuild with new clutch (pressure plate, friction plate, throwout bearing and the flywheel  machined). Prop shaft was balanced and the carrier bushing replaced.