1967 MGB


Color: Yellow/Black

Mileage:  Showing   53,676

Engine: BMC 1800CC

Transmission: 4 Speed


Introduced in 1962, the MGB is considered by many to be the epitome of MG roadster development. In 1965 there were several upgrades provided by MG and the 1967 model was the culmination of the best options and styling.

These cars featured such standard equipment as; front disc brakes and a very sturdy, independent suspension; unibody frame construction; rack and pinion steering; a revised BMC 4 cylinder engine featuring 5 main-bearing journals; reverse lamps; factory hard top; modified instrumentation and some models even had an option for overdrive on the 4 speed gearbox.

This particular example comes from right here in Colorado, shows a conservative 53,676 miles on the clock and includes some minor modifications. The engine runs well and the 4 speed gearbox shifts smoothly and quietly–even  into 1st. The interior is in good condition with no tears in the seats or carpets and the soft top is fully removable for stowage in the trunk on those warm summer days. The factory hardtop was replaced with a high quality aftermarket unit from a very reputable company and fits very well.

This car would make a great driver with some minor maintenance or is an excellent candidate for a complete restoration back to factory specification. For more information contact Steve through the quick link at the bottom of the page.