1967 Porsche 911S

The Porsche 911S is a performance icon that will always be considered to be one of the World’s true landmark automobiles.

Two years after the introduction of the groundbreaking Porsche 911, the engineers at Porsche decided that a higher performance variant of the 911 was needed. The 911S or 911 “super” was introduced for the 1967 model year. Changes included lighter alloy wheels, stiffened chassis, anti-roll bars and thirty additional horsepower. The difference was night and day. Where the base 911 was a nice, peppy little car, the 911S was very fast. Due to the short wheelbase and rear-engine design, the 911S required a steady hand and a steely mind to keep it under control.

This particular example is an extremely rare right hand drive model. This particular car was originally imported into the United Kingdom along with only twenty-nine other 911S models. The 1967 911S was already a rare sight but the RHD versions were almost nonexistent. Previously  imported into the UK, this car is eligible to avoid VAT and import taxes.

This 911S is a very complete car that will require a full restoration. This is a numbers matching car and is very original… right down to the aluminum wheel lugs. Bahama yellow in color, this early model 911S has the desirable flat fenders and short wheelbase. Due to the rarity and completeness of this particular car, it is a perfect candidate for a full concours restoration.